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Michael Gregotowicz

Instructor & Owner of Finest Taekwondo

Introducing the newest gem in the realm of martial arts education, the highly esteemed 5th-degree black belt, Michael Gregotowicz, embarks on an exciting venture with the inauguration of his brand-new Taekwondo School in the picturesque town of Chapin, South Carolina.

With a lifelong dedication to the art of Taekwondo that began at the tender age of nine, Gregotowicz’s mastery and expertise in the discipline are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Drawing from an illustrious career that not only spans decades of rigorous training but also includes service as a distinguished retired police officer, Gregotowicz’s commitment to the community and the empowerment of its members is second to none.

This new chapter in his journey promises to be a beacon of excellence, a place where the principles of discipline, respect, and self-improvement find their truest expression. Under Gregotowicz’s guidance, students can expect not only to master the physical aspects of Taekwondo but also to glean invaluable life lessons from a mentor who exemplifies the very essence of dedication and leadership.